The US Envoy Who Negotiated with Zali Khalilzad Taliban

Afghanistan's president postponed his plans to visit Washington early next week, saying he would discuss the US-Taliban talks about ending the longest US war. The US envoy, who negotiated with Zali Khalilzad Taliban, hastily returned to Qatar and suddenly returned to Qatar for an unexpected conversation with the rebels, which seemed to be completed a few days ago. Khalilzad said Monday that the "principle" agreement to begin the withdrawal of US troops only requires approval from President Donald Trump.

Since Khalilzad's announcement

It was not clear why Ashraf Gani's visit was postponed. The person who spoke with the Associated Press did not have permission to talk with the reporter and could not speak anonymously. Since Khalilzad's announcement, two terrible Taliban car bombings in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, have killed US service members and opposition over the deal with the Afghan government and former US ambassadors to Afghanistan. The deal will truly bring peace.

The Taliban last week gave a stronger bargaining position in negotiations with the United States, with a surge of deadly attacks involving northern Kunduz and the capital of Baghran province, and shocked others as Afghanistan and others were killed by numerous civilians. Explained. Congressman Elliot Engel, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, said that Khalilzad would testify before the House of Representatives about the negotiations, but said.

Your testimony to this hearing is not an option. President Afghanistan stopped the US-Taliban negotiations, and Gani showed the agreement during this week's visit to Kalbul, but could not maintain it. The Taliban refused to negotiate with the Afghan government and considered it a US puppet, but expressed a willingness to meet personally with Afghan government officials.

This week, the Ghanaian government objected to the deal, and former US ambassadors feared that the complete withdrawal of the US, which moves too quickly without meeting certain conditions, such as reducing the violence, could lead to a "total civil war." Expressed. For example, after the rapid withdrawal of the Soviet Union, the British pushed Britain in the 1990s before the Taliban swept power.

President adviser Waheed Omer on Thursday

The Afghans have never been bitten by this snake," said President adviser Waheed Omer on Thursday. The United States expects negotiations with the Taliban to vote for armed groups to begin Afghanistan ahead of Afghanistan's presidential elections. Middle government. No details were available from nine US-Taliban talks over a year. Khalilzad said that the first US troops in the United States will withdraw from five bases in Afghanistan within 135 days after the final deal. There are currently between 14,000 and 13,000 troops.

But the Taliban want about 20,000 US and NATO units in Afghanistan as soon as possible. The United States is demanding that the Taliban ensure that Afghanistan is not a refuge for extremist groups such as al Qaeda and armed groups of armed Islamic nations to launch a global attack.

The Taliban's Mixed Signal

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told news radio KMAN about the deal. “Our soldiers and air force sacrificed so much in Afghanistan. We must do this correctly. But secondly, to reduce the risk of terrorism attacking us again in Afghanistan. We think we can achieve both of these. "We hope that all elements of Afghanistan, including the Taliban, will be part of it and are working to achieve that. On Friday, the Taliban said it attacked Afghanistan's third provincial capital within a week, killing at least two civilians.

Provincial Governor Mohammad Shoaib Sabet cited a local hospital and said 15 people were injured and air strikes against armed groups. He said a small crash continued in the city. One Fara resident of Shams Noorzai said the Taliban captured the army recruiting center and set it on fire. He closed all the stores and some people tried to run away. The governor-elect later said the security forces recaptured the recruitment center.

Awami National Party President Governor Awami said

The without the intervention of the Afghan government, the deal between the US and Afghanistan's Taliban will be disrupted by the war. Asfandyar Wali, after presiding over the party's Central Working Committee meeting, said Afghan Deer said, "Recovering peace in Afghanistan will not be a problem if the US and Afghanistan Taliban sign a contract and the Afghan government prevents it. ANP leaders said President Ashraf Ghani has canceled his visit to Washington, which raises uncertainty and anxiety in the region. He said only talks, led and owned by Afghanistan, could open the way for sustainable peace in.

Afghanistan, and the cancellation of the visit to the US President of Ghani would 'shake' the situation. ANP will follow joint opposition decision on Islamabad closure. Forget peace if Afghanistan's government is not involved in negotiating the future of Afghanistan," he said. Aswan Deer says Afghan Taliban and Kabul are parties to the dispute, and it would not be wise to sign a peace agreement with them. His party expected that the United States, China and Russia would act as guarantors to ensure the implementation of all conditions for all peace agreements.

The ANP leader said the Pakistan parliament passed a joint resolution calling for a peace agreement owned by Afghanistan and Afghanistan, and that the government should follow it. He said ANP's position on the Afghan issue is very clear, and it has always supported the Afghan government to be included in the dialogue as it does not happen, and the prospect of peace will remain dim. President Asfan Diyar urged Pakistan and other interested parties to promote efforts to maintain peace in Afghanistan.

Jama At Ulemai Islam Pajal's

When asked if his party would participate in Jama At Ulemai Islam Pajal's plan to close Islamabad, his party would follow the decision of the common opposition rather than one party. The authorities are not obligated to follow a political party's decision as far as the closure of Islamabad is concerned, and they will decide their own actions," the opposition called for the development of consensus on the issue. JUI-F announced the Islamabad lock in October to force Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign. The ANP leader also mentioned the situation in Kashmir held by India and called for the immediate release of curfew hours in the region.

He called it an occupation of India in the occupied Kashmir called 'public aggression'. Asfan Diyar, former Prime Minister Perve Musharraf, proposed to divide Kashmir into three parts, and Imran Khan (Im Minister of Justice) supported the idea at that time. He accused India of violating Simla Accord and UN resolutions on the Kashmir dispute. The ANP leader asked the government to disclose details of the recent "commitments" of Prime Minister Im Lan Khan and President Donald Trump of Washington.

The government should not hide the details of the Imran-Trump agreement without fishy smells," he said. Asfan Diyar said the government failed on the diplomatic front and that Pakistan lost support from its close friend China. He asked the government to revisit internal and external policies. ANP leaders expressed concern about the law and order situation in certain areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and warned of the reorganization of armed clothing in the Buner, Swat and Waziristan areas.

He recently said

The killing of four suspected militants in the Pucha region of the Swat district is an awakening. Asfandyar, meanwhile, asked security agencies to issue security alerts and restrict movement, while on the other hand, security details were withdrawn. Aimal Wali was threatened and asked not to give Eid prayers," he said. ANP leaders say it is the government's responsibility to provide security to the people. He condemned the disappearance of social activists in the provinces.
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