The United States has Informed Islamic Groups

The United States has informed Islamic groups that it continues to support direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir and other issues. The delegation of the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) met with Pakistan's Assistant Secretary of State Ervin Massinga, Washington, in Washington this week to convey concerns about Kashmir's decision under the August 5th Addendum in India.

The United States to play a role

They also appear to have urged the United States to play a role in easing tensions between India and Pakistan, a nuclear armed region in South Asia. Muslim Group Representatives Meet State Department Officials. US Secretary of State Alice G. Wells, in a tweet posted on Friday afternoon, continued to emphasize Washington's need for India and Pakistan to resolve this issue peacefully, as President Marsinga delivered US positions to Muslim delegates. Said it would.

The United States continues to support direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir and other concerns, said Wells, a message highlighted at the recent USCMO leadership meeting at Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Massinga. After August 5, India and Pakistan's relations deteriorated rapidly after Prime Minister Modi withdrew special autonomy to capture Jammu and Kashmir. 

Pakistan strongly condemned the actions of India and promised to continue providing moral and political support to the Kashmir. But support for bilateral talks with the United States will not solve this problem because of India's stubborn attitude to the dispute with Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi admitted in a recent joint briefing with US President Donald Trump in France that there are "many bilateral problems between India and Pakistan.

But when asked to comment on President Trump's proposal for resolving the Kashmir conflict, Modi said, "I don't want to bother third countries because I can discuss and resolve these issues bilaterally. He said that India and Pakistan were together before 1947 and "we were confident that we could discuss and solve the problem together.

But India declined to discuss the two sides with Pakistan and said it was impossible to talk as terrorist attacks continued in India. New Delhi also denies Pakistan's guarantee that terrorist groups cannot use their territory to carry out attacks both inside and outside the country. Islamabad pointed out that Kashmir's last attack by India was motivated locally.

But India did not share and agree to support the argument for Pakistan's involvement. Recently, Prime Minister Lim Ran Khan and other Pakistani senior officials warned that India could use false terror accusations to make the situation worse.

The Public Education Institution

The Punjab government introduced the 'Public Education Institution' (MTI) Act to fill patients with “administrative gaps” that waste large amounts of public resources, providing patients with poor health care and educating facilities in health education institutions across the state. Health Minister Yasmin Rashid Punjab dismissed the government's plan to privatize health facilities at a press conference Saturday. Seeing the Punjab Health Department's 23 billion rupee non-development and 45 billion rupee development budgets.

The Minister spends 3.5 million rupees on each bed, with the government budgeting 4.5 million rupees on each hospital bed in primary and secondary medical facilities Said. But no patient was satisfied. The health department's medical facility has 49,000 beds. Yasmin Rashid, MTI law introduced to provide autonomy to institutions Dr Rashid said that the MTI Bylaw will provide medical education institutions with full financial and administrative autonomy, ensuring the appreciation of the performance of all employees.

Under the MTI Act, she said the government would appoint a board of directors (BoG) and a hospital board to ensure that all educational facilities of medical staff for hospital education and student education were available. She said the training hospital will have only one line of budget to ensure BoG has the latest facilities. She added that BoG's performance will be audited three times a year, the auditor will conduct a final financial audit and the performance audit reports of each agency will be submitted to the Punjab Congress.

She said

The chief minister had the authority to dismantle BoG if it did not perform at the optimal level. In answering questions about the status of civil servants under the MTI Act, Dr. Rashid said that while employees remain servants of the government, medical institutions will monitor whether employees are performing well. Dr. Rashid said 50 percent of posts in medical facilities were empty when the PTI government was established. The government also attracted 600 doctors, 1,100 consultants, 4,000 nurses, 5,000 paramedical staff and many pharmacists.

The Minister of Health cited the meager proportion of “4 doctors – 1 nurses” to the international standard of “1 doctor – 10 nurses,” while the government was in the process of establishing 12 new nursing colleges to fill that gap. Said. She said the government chose 122 private hospitals from the panel, the area immediately provided 9,000 beds, and 100 additional private hospitals would also be included in the government panel list.

Prime Minister Special Adviser Firdous Ashiq Awan and Information Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal Punjab on Information also spoke about the event.
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