The Archaeological Remains of Ban Pakran

Ban Faqiran, Islamabad's oldest ruins atop Margalla Hills, was again open to visitors after six months of conservation work. The archaeological remains of Ban Pakran, dating from the 2nd to 5th centuries, were destroyed by heavy rains shortly after they were excavated by the Archaeological Museum in 2015-16.

Ban Faqiran complex was considered a watchtower

About half a mile from the Buddhist caves in Shah Allah Ditta, the Ban Faqiran complex was considered a watchtower. But late Archaeologist and historian Dr. Ahmad Hassan Dani claimed that Ban Faqiran stupa served as a milestone for travelers, mainly pilgrims, on their way to the Dharmarajika Monastery in BC, where some of the Buddha's remains were located. Dharmarajika, built by Maurayan King Ashoka, is a world heritage view from Baan Faqiran, about 2.5 km from the Taxila Valley.

Ban Faqiran complex was damaged by heavy rain shortly after excavation. No significant artifacts were found during the process of excavation and preservation of Van Pakiran, with the exception of iron arrowheads and a few coins that were impressed by Ayaub Khan chapters in the 3rd century and 1963 BC. The coin is part of a permanent collection at the Islamabad Museum, home to the rarest archaeological finds, said his director Abdul Ghafoor Lone.

Archaeologists are still embarrassed by the ruins of the 10x10 structure with arches adjacent to Ban Faqiran, which was considered to be one of the first temples in the area, dating back to the time of Ghazni in Ghazni. We in the archeology department have not found any concrete evidence that the small structures that are still influenced by Islam and look like small mosques are actually as old as the 10th century AD.

Unfortunately, the mosque collapsed in heavy rain, ”Dr. Lone said. But the trip to Ban Faqiran was erased. Your site is now protected. It is fenced everywhere and guards have been replaced to protect the land from destroyers or those who grab it. About 200 kilograms of heavy stones were replaced and the collapsed walls were strengthened.

The roof is fixed with mortar, making the structure waterproof. None of the conservation efforts undermine the authenticity of the historical structure, ”Dr. Lone said.

Project (NJHP) company

Local recruitment staff at the Nelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project (NJHP) company asked the president of Wapda to solve the 'absorption' problem. Otherwise, the 'lock strike' begins on September 10. According to Sheikh Altaf, Chairman of the NJHPC Trade Union (CBA), his union has long required some 220 employees (local and non-local) of Wapda, which sometimes results in 969 megawatt hydropower projects We recruited staff. The usual selection process is outside the Muzaffarabad, but to no avail.

He recalled that unions stopped the previous strike after the retirement of Wapda, which Wapda announced publicly at the inauguration of the NJHP Powerhouse in March 2018. He argued that some spade work had been completed since the announcement, but NJHPC executives argued that "adopting perceptual tactics and, as a result, cannot achieve definite results to this day". Union asks Wapda to decide absorption case by 10 days.

Instead of protecting the future of already hired employees, NJHPC executives manipulated them to fill the vacancies of the project through the transfer / induction of selected employees from Wapda and other projects, making existing human resources unsafe. maintain. He would have been a permanent job for three years at Wapda, but NJHP employees weren't sure about his job after more than ten years.

He cited the case of Mohammad Naseer

A daily bet that was fired after working as a waiter for seven years without paying compensation or monetary benefits because the employee's problem was not resolved. The deceased was the only bread winner in his family, and there was a tangle after his death, he said. He said on July 17 this year that the union had notified about the closure program, but Wapda or NJHPC executives did not approach them to avoid a strike to ensure a peaceful solution to the problem.

Very sensitive development is underway in India, and occupied by Kashmir and the aggressive design of India aims to undermine the integrity of our country. "Wapda" with Kashmiris is avoiding activities in which hostile Indian media can provide opportunities to exploit the improper participation of federal agencies. But our gestures are taken for granted," he added.

Mr. Al Taf urged Lieutenant General Mt. Fuji to respect the legitimate need to absorb all NJHPC staff from the authorities “according to their own guarantees and commitments” to ensure the future of NJHPC staff and to avoid unrest in sensitive areas.

According to Mr. Al Taf, the notice was mailed to the right wing chairman, along with a copy to Pakistan's prime minister, AJK Secretary-General, and 13-Div commander.
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