Senate Committee Included 44 Unapproved Projects

Amid criticism that the Senate Committee included 44 unapproved projects in its development program, on Friday the federal government promised to invest $ 3 billion in Karachi to improve its water and sewage systems and infrastructure. ATI Shahzaib Durrani Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee PML-N and Senator Shibli Faraz (PTI) expressed concern that many such unauthorized projects were included in the development.

Rules developed and procedures

Programs that violate carefully developed rules and procedures. Senator Durrani expressed his reservation, including 44 unapproved schemes that did not appear in the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) documents submitted to the Senate and the Standing Committee. At the budget proposal meeting, the committee was convinced that new and unapproved projects in the state would not be included in the PSDP. He added that including the project in the PSDP is "constitutional.

The Commission also found that no project could be funded from the PSDP, which is actually funded under the Sustainable Development Goals, and at the same time no Senate recommendation was made for such a plan. Despite all these warranties, 44 budget-approved projects were included in the new PSDP book after the budget ended and were not announced in the Senate. Center promises $ 3 billion investment in Karachi project.

Even the House Paradise leaders expressed concern about the procedures adopted for the completion of the plan. The panel formed a subcommittee consisting of Senator Mir Kabeer Mohammad Shahi, Rukhsana Zuberi and Hidayatullah to investigate this issue.

Karachi Project

In a discussion of the Karachi Bulk Water Supply Project (K-IV), Planning Minister Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar said the project is facing serious design flaws and the estimated cost has increased from 260 billion rupees to over 120 billion rupees. He said that the city's largest city needed about 120 million gallons (MGD) of water per day, but its current supply did not exceed 500MGD, leaving a shortage of 700MGD. He said one of the causes of delays and rising costs was that local governments did not provide some of the project funding.

The minister said the government has worked with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to support the project. He added that he took the World Bank team to Karachi a few days ago for this purpose. He said the government prioritized the development of water, sewerage and sanitation and infrastructure in Karachi and will invest about $ 3 billion in this area. He said the city could not provide free water, so the authorities would need to properly charge and restore the water supply costs for consumers.

The committee informed about the deficiencies in project coordination proposed by the consultant and the problems facing the waterways and aqueducts. President Baktar had a meeting with the Sind government a few days ago and said the issue has been discussed for a long time. In addition to realigning the K-IV project, he said, K-I, K-II, and K-III should be optimized.

National Engineering Services Pakistan

He said that National Engineering Services Pakistan (Nespak) announced the results of the initial K-IV design review and proposed design improvements after the completion of technical studies by the end of September 2019. Nespak will submit a full feasibility study to the Sindh government within two months for a technically viable and economically viable K-IV project solution, Bakhtyar said. The Joint Technical Review Board will review and evaluate the Nespak report.

The chair of the committee stressed the need to take appropriate consideration of the kind of consultants employed in the project that contributed to the rising costs and the extension of the timeline. The committee also observed that it was responsible for the ministry of the plan that reviewed all projects, and that there should be people responsible for this task.

The committee instructed the Planning Department to investigate delays and irregularities in the K-IV project and punish those responsible. The Committee urged the Alternative Energy Development Board to share comments on the draft Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy 2019. Requested It is different from the existing one.

House Faraz's leader said

The renewable energy is discouraging because of the design and that many who have invested in this field are leaving. He said he should provide incentives to investors, but said he wants a strong and active lobby to not affect the business. The Commission observed that when paying a large amount as a grant to Balochistan's court, there must be a permanent solution either by solar treatment of the court or by other means. The ministry minister said that the ministry would be leading in this regard and that the finance and planning departments would help the former.

To discuss this issue, it was decided to convene a joint meeting of federal power and planning ministries and the Balochistan government. The committee was told that a feasibility study of the situation in Balochistan would be completed by March 2020 and a work plan would be established. Gwadar's water demand was 7.48 MGD, but the supply did not exceed 2.5 MGD, and once the Shadi Kour Dam transmission line is completed, the city will have an additional 5 MGD of water. But the distribution network is still in place.

The world to check their import records

As part of a campaign to identify these assets across the country, about 1,000 Benami estates were found in the capital. The government has asked deputy directors around the world to check their import records and identify benami assets in their jurisdiction, capital officials said. They also added that they were instructed to provide information to the Federal Revenue Commission (FBR) for legal action. Details of properties to share with FBR, Nadra. They said the goal is to bring owners of these assets into tax and register such assets with real assets.

Benami Property is property that is transferred or held by someone while others give or pay property. Government officials said that the government launched a capital action campaign after the government issued orders and asked the sales department to verify and investigate the real estate registered with the government agencies. Tehsildar, Pattwaris and Girdara were asked to check the real estate registered in the office and conduct a survey in their area.

The 24 divisions that make up the capital's urban area have about 160,000 homes, more than 30,000 shops, and more than 30,000 commercial real estate. In addition, 26 major villages make up rural areas and each village consists of small villages and docks, officials said. Dozens of housing groups have also been developed on land in rural areas. The rural area has a total of more than 250,000 homes, 40,000 shops and 20,000 commercial real estate.

In the early stages of the campaign, the sales department found about thousands of suspicious property that turned out to be registered to individuals not found at the address listed in the record. They said that such properties are located in urban and rural areas. I have obtained the CNIC numbers of these individuals and will access the national database and registrar to find them. In this regard, we also need the help of the police.

Officials said

10-15pc of real estate records have been confirmed so far. The details of detected properties are also shared with FBR. The water administration also asked city residents to bring information about the Benami property, using social media for this. People were warned about trying to settle individual scores by spreading misinformation and providing misinformation about others, officials said. Those who provide false information will be sentenced to five months in prison.
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