Reza Baqir Sought to Reconfirm on Saturday

State Bank Governor Reza Baqir sought to reconfirm Saturday's business deficits in Lahore's business leaders in recent years that the economic deficit is gradually improving because of the lack of market-based exchange rates. Every time in the last few years the trade deficit has increased, the exchange rate has not been adjusted as it has been adjusted. Baqir said in a conversation with the business community at the office of the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce (FPCCI).

Exchange rates in the market system

We've come up with exchange rates in the market system by devising policies that monitor supply and demand movements. The transfer policy to keep exchange rates fixed is responsible for trade deficits. SBP representatives argued that exports increased by 10 to 20 percent due to continued policy focus. He said the government wants to increase the profitability of private businesses and promote employment. If the private sector still has problems with the public sector, the government will make every effort to remove all obstacles.

I believe in competition because without it I can't develop. Therefore the private sector must move forward for the prosperity of this country. He said that the economic situation in the country is gradually improving as reforms are introduced. Not long ago, he reminded his audience that the country's foreign reserves were inadequate to meet its external debt repayment obligations. "So we brought in reforms, signed an agreement with the IMF and devised effective policies," he said.

20 percent on Saturday

Iran said it was able to increase uranium enrichment by more than 20 percent on Saturday and operate additional centrifuge machines in violation of its promise to limit nuclear activity under indiscriminate agreements with world powers. We have begun to overcome the limitations of our research and development imposed by this study. It will include the development of faster and more advanced centrifuges.

The 2015 agreement replaced Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions, but it was released after the US withdrew last year and took control of Iran's oil trade to promote broader security concessions. Since May, Iran has pushed the limits of its nuclear capacity set by retaliatory agreements that require US pressure on Iran to negotiate restrictions on ballistic missile programs and to support agents throughout the Middle East.

Iran noted that if the European signatories signing the European agreement were promised in nuclear trade, but could restore access to foreign trade blocked by US sanctions rebalancing, the action was reversible. The agreement determined the level of purity for Iran to enrich uranium to 3.67pc. It is suitable for civilian generation and is well below the 90pc threshold for nuclear weapons classes. UN nuclear investigators reported in July that Iran had beefed up enrichment to 4.5pc purity.

Kamalvandi said Tehran could now make a significant leap toward the critical 90pc, beyond the 20pc level, but "it's not necessary now. The contract reduced the number of uranium enrichment equipment installed in Iran to about 6,000, down from 19,000 before 2015.

Due to this, Iran did not stock enriched uranium for 10 years, only for research, where it was possible to purify uranium only with a slow first-generation IR-1 centrifuge and use a few advanced centrifuges. But Kamalvandi said Iran has begun using several advanced centrifuges as part of a gradual step to downgrade its nuclear commitment.

This includes an IR-6 machine that is currently supplied with (uranium) gas. Twenty IR-4 centrifuge chains have also been launched. The IR-6 started 20 chains yesterday, ”he said.

Prime Minister Lim Lan Khan

Lim Lan Khan received a report on the annual performances of members of the Punjab Cabinet and will soon “determine” the fate of the low monks. The Prime Minister previously visited Lahore and met with the Prime Minister on July 19. The next day, before the cabinet meeting on the 15th, the governor shook six ministers. Deputy Minister of Public Affairs Naeemul Haq confirmed on Saturday that the performance report of Minister Punjab was received, and that the Prime Minister would be aware of and comment on it.

Naeem says NAB suffered more damage than good than the country. Speaking that some of Punjab's portfolios are also unmanned and should be allocated, Prime Minister Haak added the Prime Minister, who had the privilege of removing the minister or changing the portfolio. But Mr. Haq denied that there are dishes for big changes in the province. There is nothing to be considered about the [big] change in Punjab because the rumor was rumored about the electronic media," he said.

In relation to his alliance with the PML-Q, Prime Minister Hark said the PTI government is in close contact with the Chadry brothers and is in contact with them. He said at the National Assembly that PML-Q has one ministry and three MNAs. He claimed that Q leaders promised at a meeting that would never be in contact with the PML-N leadership.

When asked about staying away from Aleem Khan, he insisted that NAB suffered more damage than good than the nation. He said a new law would be announced that would prevent NAB from touching entrepreneurs and bureaucrats. "Fearing NAB behavior, business people don't invest and bureaucrats don't sign files," he said.
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