President Donald Trump Cleared a Secret Summit

President Donald Trump cleared a secret summit between the Taliban and Afghanistan leaders on Saturday and says a year of diplomacy has suddenly knocked on the door to end America's longest war. In a Saturday night bombing, he said President Trump had planned an unknown talk with both sides at the Maryland president's retreat camp David Sunday, but the Taliban's continued and apathetic violence made him an unreliable partner.

Trump said to Afghanistan's president

In addition to the major Taliban leaders, who are unknown to almost everyone," Trump said, Afghanistan's president will meet in secret at David's camp Sunday. Unfortunately, I admitted to an attack that killed one of our great soldiers and another 11 in Kabul to build a misuse. I immediately canceled the meeting and stopped the peace negotiations. What kind of people will kill so many people to strengthen the bargaining position? They didn't do that. Trump said. US and Romanian soldiers were killed in car bombings in Kabul Thursday.

A recent major attack despite the Taliban's negotiations with US envoys on the withdrawal of thousands of troops. Trump met the Taliban at Camp David, the site of the secret talks in 1978, when Jimmy Carter brokered peace between Israel and Egypt on the 11th anniversary of September 11th, which led to the invasion of the armed forces This collapsed. In a statement, Taliban President Afghanistan said the United States would "be more harmed than anyone," but it was open for future negotiations.

We still believe that the US side will return to this position. Our fights over the last 18 years would have proved to Americans that we would not be satisfied until we were completely finished. The group said in a statement released on Twitter by a spokesman for Zabihullah Mujahid. Afghanistan's Taliban President Trump's statement showed "no experience or patience" and accused the US of fighting and killing "hundreds of Afghans.

According to President Trump's decision

Americans said, “Americans will be more harm than anything else.” “American trust will be harmed, anti-peace positions will be more visible to the world, and casualties and financial losses will increase. The role of the United States in international political exchanges will be even more distrustful. Earlier, in response to Trump's announcement, Afghan President Afghanistan's statement said. The Afghanistan government is grateful for the sincere efforts of its allies in relation to peace and is working to cooperate with the United States and other allies.

It will bring lasting peace. We have always insisted that true peace can only be achieved if the Taliban stops killing Afghans, accepts a ceasefire, and talks face-to-face with the Afghan government. Washington loves dramatic gestures, but was shocked by Trump's announcement that Twitter's pronunciation was often asked later. Laurel Miller, a former US representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan until the early days of the Trump administration, said.

It is surprising that Trump plans to attract Taliban leaders at Camp David. Miller, Asia's head of the International Crisis Group, recently told AFP, "It is unclear why the deadly attack on Thursday in Kabul has considered the Taliban attack on several occasions. Democratic Congressman Tom Malinowski, who called for clarity on Afghanistan's US strategy, said Camp David's ideas for Taliban leaders were "weird.

And everyone knew they were constantly committing terrorist attacks. Malinovsky said, But I am glad that the president has made this decision and I hope this good decision will continue.

Unpopular trades in Kabul

The announcement by tweets seems to end at least now, with an amazing diplomatic process led by Al Afghanistan veteran Zalmay Khalilzad, who had had nine meetings with the Taliban in Qatar for almost a year. Afghanistan's internationally recognized president has criticized the new emergence of the withdrawal agreement with the Taliban, which refused to negotiate with the Taliban government. Khalilzad said he had sold plans in Kabul and signed "in principle" with the Taliban. According to some of the published drafts, the Pentagon says it will pull about 5,000 of about 13,000 US troops from five bases across Afghanistan by early next year.

The rebels will give up al-Qaeda and promise to fight a group of militant Islamic nations and stop the militants from using Afghanistan as a safe haven. This is the main cause of the 2001 invasion. Public opinion in the United States suffered nearly two decades of war, and Trump said that after convincing the US to strengthen its forces at first, the United States should not pursue an "infinite" war.

Question mark in the army

Trump's announcement raises a new question mark about whether the United States will leave Afghanistan at any time. This decision was made a few weeks before Afghanistan's election, and it was an unwieldy movement even in a more stable time. Trump has had a unique look back over Afghanistan in recent weeks and has had every view of whether or not to approve the final deal. Washington expected the withdrawal of US troops would lead to negotiations between the Taliban and Kabul for a more permanent peace.

The Taliban showed no sign of giving up violence. Mujahid claimed to be responsible for Thursday's bombings and struck Kabul's fortress center area and said that "martyrs" or suicide bombers killed "foreign invaders. As the Taliban is wielding muscles on the ground, Americans have been politically informed," analyst Ahmad Saeedi said. Trump has been far from many conversations before.

In February, his aides decided not to accept negotiations with North Korean President Kim Jong-un as another individual that the US government could not think long before. But Trump soon called Kim a friend and decided to meet him in June when an American leader visited the Korean peninsula.
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