An Oxygen Cylinder Exploded in One Family

An oxygen cylinder exploded in one family, causing three families to be killed while the other four were injured when the upper layer of Iqbal Town Richna Block fell on Saturday morning. According to preliminary investigations, oxygen cylinders were used by the 70-year-old family of asthmatic patient Arif Siddique. According to the family, as soon as the crew tried to open the valve of the cylinder to oxygenate the patient, the cylinder beeped and exploded.

Police officers quoted their neighbors and said

The explosion was so powerful that the third floor of the rented house collapsed completely. 2 of 4 injured, ss a result, eight family members were buried, including Arif Siddique, Kanwal Siddique (47), Abubkar (20), Sheza (25), Talat (32), Zeshan (45), Saima (25), and Husnain (3). . From debris. He told police and rescue team 1122 that he had received information about a neighbor's case. Rescuers found Arif, Kanwal, Abubakar killed in debris, and Sheza and Talat suffered severe head and chest injuries. The injured were taken to Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore and officials said the two conditions were important.

Officials argued that Rescue 1122 was one of the reasons for the death of three people due to a poorly planned and delayed operation. He said that the explosion occurred around 5:40 am, but the first body was recovered at 10:41 am about 5 hours after the accident, and the second and third bodies were recovered at 2:54 pm and 3:30 pm, respectively. said. He said Rescue 1122's first response team, who arrived at the site, did not have enough specialized machinery to perform such rescue operations.

Officials said the disaster response team arrived on-site at 10:12 am with heavy equipment, including high-pressure hydraulic cutters, used to drill concrete structures to recover trapped people. He added that the main rescue work began about five hours after the building collapsed and it took ten hours for rescue workers to complete the work. However, a spokesman for Rescue 1122 denied the alleged delayed operation, saying that the first team arriving at the site timely assessed the need for drilling and removal of heavy debris.

In light of the first team's evaluation, the disaster response team led by Dr Farhan arrived there around 10 am and recovered two seriously injured families and rushed to the hospital. The team also provided immediate medical care for the other three people with minor injuries, the spokesman said. SSP Ismail Kharrak added to the dawn that the forensic experts involved in the police, apparently an oxygen cylinder explosion, feared that the cylinder was substandard.

Experts said they collected pieces of exploded cylinders in the field and dispatched them for forensic analysis to dig out facts. Police are awaiting reports to complete the investigation of the explosion, he added that he will take action later.

The Sindh government announced on Thursday

On Thursday, the Sindh government announced it would enforce a full ban on statewide plastic bags from October 1. Sindh government spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab held a press conference in Karachi to announce that from October 1, the sale, manufacture and use of plastic bags will be completely banned. He said the decision was made by the local environmental department. The local government launched a campaign of awareness of the damage caused by the use of plastic bags, and in connection with this drive, cloth bags were distributed to encourage Karachi citizens to use them.

The PPP leader recalled that the use of plastic bags was previously banned by local governments, and the government only implemented decisions for the whole state. On March 21, 2018, the state government completely banned the manufacture, sale, and purchase of plastic bags throughout the state. This ban came into force immediately under the Division 144 of the Criminal Procedure Act in Sindh's headquarters department and was in effect until further orders were made.

On November 10, 2018, Sindh Cabinet decided to withdraw the phased ban on the use of polyethylene and plastic bags in the province, and Sukkur is the first district to enforce the ban. However, on March 11, 2019, the Synod General Assembly was told that the state did not take any action on the manufacture of polyethylene tail shopping bags, which closed down the industry and left thousands of people unemployed.

Wahab warned that breaking the ban after the October 1 deadline today will face legal action. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah, in a video message, pointed out plastic bags as a major pollutant, urging them to throw them out. He encouraged the government to use cloth or paper bags and appealed to the public to participate in the campaign.

No plastic bags," he concluded

Normal plastic bags take 400 to 1,000 years to degenerate, and almost all plastic pieces produced so far still exist in some form in our environment. The amount of plastic waste has increased by 10pc every year for the past 20 years, the accumulation of which is a serious threat to the welfare of living organisms.
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